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Really enjoyed the video. Nice flow of the entire story.

My experience with church is I always believed in God and got baptized 11 years ago, but didn't take it seriously until last year. Finally read the entire bible from cover to cover. I feel like God gave me a desire/passion to seek him more.

With that charaka stuff I think it's pretty cool like in shows like Naruto, but in real life I would never practice that stuff because i believe by doing that a person is messing with evil spirits/demons.

Also if your seeking to questions maybe this man Hugh Ross can answer some of them. He's a real smart man. Here's a short two minute video that might interest you.


Continue the cool animations, cleaver humor, and may God bless you with a blessing that was meant for me to you instead! :)

Really enjoyed watching this animation. I'am currenlty work at walmart and trying to get my bachelors too. Keep up the great work and may God bless you with a blessing that I was supposed to receive and give it to you instead! <3 (Added you to my favorite artists)

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I found the animation really entertaining. Keep up the funny jokes and entertaining animations. :)

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Simply wonderful

I played your Zombie Inglor game a long time ago. This game greatly improves on everything. Keep up with the great flash games. Also some dialogue sounded to soft or cut out particularly the last boss.

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Really cool song. I like the effect style you use for vocals. :)

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SoulSecure responds:

Lots of reverb and delay >.>

Really enjoyed this song. How did you learn to create this style of music and other types you've produced so far? May God bless you with a blessing I was supposed to receive to you instead! <3

SoulSecure responds:

I tried to make stuff like this (whatever this specific genre is) before in my own power and wasn't very successful. It really just came out of "nowhere" (definitely inspired)

The other kinds of music I make came with time, experience, inspiration and listening to diverse kinds of musics.

Praise the LORD and be blessed in your soul, brother.

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Like the art & artstyle. Looks like its straight out of a picture book.

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Really nice. Have a blessed day!

College complete in Spring 2016 & improving my relationship with God. God bless whoever reads this with a blessing that was meant for me to you instead! If you need someone to talk with about spiritual things or going through a ruff time. text 9729785272

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